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Drives recycling scheme hits a record
Published:  29 April, 2013

ABB says that its variable speed drive recycling scheme in the UK set a new record last year, with 31 tonnes of drives being recycled during the year. More than 96% by weight of the drives were recycled, with much of the copper, aluminium, circuit boards, steel and cables being recovered for further use.

The drives are collected and recycled by the certified waste management company, S2S. It collects drives, made by ABB or by other manufacturers, from bins at the premises of ABB Drives Alliance members. Larger drives can be collected direct from end-users’ premises.

Once a drive has been removed for recycling, ABB issues a certificate that can be used for environmental audits by users that comply with ISO 14001.

Although the WEEE Directive does not require drives to be recycled, ABB offers the scheme as a service to its customers. The Directive is being re-evaluated, opening the possibility that more electrical products, including drives, could come under its scope.