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ODVA plans standards for exchanging machine information
Published:  01 May, 2013

ODVA is forming a special interest group (SIG) to develop standards for exchanging information between machines, and between machines and supervisory systems. The resulting standards will provide data models and network services that optimise the exchange of machine information for purposes such as production, energy and condition monitoring, business intelligence, batch and recipe management, and multi-machine line control.

The SIG will focus on developing data models for logical groupings of machine attributes, along with the services needed for machines to exchange data. Where possible, it will adopt protocol-neutral data models that can be adapted to EtherNet/IP, Sercos III and/or OPC UA.

“Without such standard reporting methods and tools, manufacturers must rely on customised, and often proprietary, solutions to exchange machine information across systems or transmit data back and forth with the machine,” explains Katherine Voss, president and executive director of ODVA.

The SIG is expected to meet for the first time later this year.