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Micro-PLC data is gathered via the cloud
Published:  08 February, 2013

The French controls manufacturer Crouzet has joined forces with the Swedish industrial communications specialist HMS Industrial Networks to allow users of its Millenium 3 Smart micro-PLC to access data from their equipment remotely via the Web.

It does this using an HMS Netbiter EasyConnect gateway connected to a micro-PLC in the field. The gateway communicates with a cloud-based data centre called Netbiter Argos that collects and stores data from the PLC. By logging into Argos, users can see the status of their controllers and other field devices via a Web dashboard. They can also get alarms and notifications if something happens.

The technology is expected to be particularly useful for monitoring remote installations such as air-conditioning systems, access controls, water and air treatments plants, lifting and handling equipment, and pumps.

One of the first companies to use the technology is a Swedish billboard manufacturer called Triplesign who is using it to monitor billboards with changing displays. The company can see the status of each billboard and even control which messages are displayed remotely. By connecting their Millenium 3 controllers to Netbiter gateways, operating parameters show up immediately in a Web browser.