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Hannover Fair 2019 Exclusive Show Report

An inescapable theme at this year’s Hannover Fair was the emergence of 5G as potential game-changer for industrial communications. The high-speed, low-latency technology could oust traditional signal wiring in many applications – although widespread adoption still seems several years away.

SPS IPC Drives 2018 Exclusive Report

The annual SPS IPC Drives show in Germany is probably the world’s largest exhibition dedicated to developments in automation. We look at some of the highlights from the most recent event, held last November.

Hannover Fair 2018 exclusive show report

Edge computing, the cloud and digital twins were among the dominant themes at this year’s Hannover Fair, the world’s largest industrial exhibition. But despite the show being bigger than ever with the addition of the CeMat logistics show, visitor numbers dipped slightly.

SPS IPC Drives 2017 Exclusive Report

The booming German automation sector was reflected in a record-breaking SPS IPC Drives show in Nuremberg at the end of November. We look at some of the event’s highlights.

Hannover Fair 2017 exclusive show report

The 2017 edition of world’s biggest industrial exhibition, the Hannover Fair, drew the biggest crowd in its 70-year history. As usual, the event gave a taste of what is to come in automation and factory equipment, and highlighted the increasingly closer links between the automation and IT sectors.

SPS IPC Drives 2016 Exclusive Show Report

Once again, the SPS IPC Drives automation and motion engineering mega-show, held every November in Nuremberg, Germany, proved to be a bellwether for the state of the sector – especially in Germany – and an indicator of the trends that are driving the industry. One noticeable theme was the number of collaborative efforts being set up by companies and organisations that might normally be considered rivals.

Hannover Fair 2016 exclusive show report

The partner country for this year’s Hannover Fair was the US. This meant that the event was opened jointly by President Barack Obama and the German Chancellor Angela Merkel. On the first day of the show, they did a walkabout of several halls, visiting a handful of carefully picked stands.

SPS IPC Drives 2015 exclusive show report

After dipping in 2014, there was a surge in visitor and exhibitor numbers at the 2015 SPS IPC Drives automation and motion engineering show, held recently in Nuremberg. There was plenty for the visitors to see and discuss, including an unusually large number of VSD launches, the latest developments in Industry 4.0, and lots of talk about using cloud platforms.

Hannover Fair 2015 exclusive show report

A key focus at the 2015 Hannover Fair, held from 13–17 April, was the integrated digital factory. On many stands there were demonstrations showing how Industry 4.0 is starting to progress from a theoretical concept to a practical reality.

SPS IPC Drives 2014 exclusive show report

The annual SPS IPC Drives show in Germany has been going for 25years, and has grown almost every year. The 2014 event, held in November, set a new floorspace record, but the number of visitors slipped for the first time.

SPS IPC Drives 2013 exclusive show report

If the recent SPS IPC Drives show is an accurate indicator, the automation industry appears to be shaking off the effects of the recession and is investing in innovation.

Countdown for inefficient fan systems in the EU

With the introduction of the EU's ERP directive, fan manufacturers face the challenge of either improving the efficiency of their systems that don’t comply, or seeing them withdrawn from the market. As Frank Griffith, a consultant drives engineer with ABB in the UK, explains, there are technical difficulties in improving the efficiency of impellers and transmissions, so many are looking to use more efficient motors.

Hannover Fair 2013 exclusive show report

The theme of the 2013 Hannover Fair – the industrial mega-show held annually in northern Germany – was the "Fourth Industrial Revolution". The 2013 show included the biennial MDA (Motion, Drive and Automation) event. In this exclusive report, we look at some of the highlights of the Fair.

How to avoid machine vision’s blind spots

Martin Gadsby, director of Optimal Industrial Automation, looks at some of the challenges in “difficult” machine vision applications, and outlines ways to tackle them.

Electric actuators can cut energy bills by 90%

A study has shown that pneumatic actuators consume 10.3 times more energy than electromechanical devices. Piers Olsen, sales and marketing director for automation at Olsen Engineering in the UK, examines the energy-saving potential of electromechanical actuators.