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`World`s smallest` valve terminal needs half the space

01 June, 2002

`World`s smallest` valve terminal needs half the space

A miniature pneumatic valve terminal that can halve the space normally needed for such devices, was one of the highlights of Festo`s stand at the recent Hanover Fair. The company claims that its Smart Cubic terminal is the world`s smallest and says that it could open up new applications, especially in the electronic, pharmaceutical and mechatronic industries. It adds that the miniaturisation has been achieved without sacrificing flow rates, which can be up to 150 litres/min.

The terminals, which are 40mm high and wide, can be configured with four, eight or 12 valves on a tiny 10mm grid. They can be fitted almost anywhere, avoiding the need to locate them remotely in cramped applications.

The terminals are being produced in two versions: one for fixed-grid applications; the other for modular applications down to single valves. The CPV-SC fixed-grid models have their electrical connections on the side and can be installed on multiple pneumatic connectors acting as sub-bases, allowing the complete terminal to be replaced quickly during servicing.

The 10mm-wide modular versions allow any number of valves in a variety of formats, including 3/2-way types, to be configured. The CPA-SC terminals can be installed using an individual sub-base as a single valve, to enhance flexibility. They can be interchanged by releasing two bolts.