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Powerful piezo actuator `could replace motors`

15 February, 2010

Parker Hannifin has developed a piezoelectric-based actuator which, it claims, produces 50–100 times the deflection and force of traditional piezo stack devices. One possible application for the Advanced Technology Actuator would as a simple, direct-drive replacement for less efficient small electric motors.

Parker says the technology will open up applications that are unsuitable for conventional piezo actuators, as well as improving the performance of existing applications.

The actuator (above) consists of a proprietary temperature-compensating frame, an amplifier body, and a piezo ceramic stack. It is said to be particularly suitable for serial bus and battery-powered applications.

Rich McDonnell, Parker’s product manager, says that initial feedback on the device from designers “has exceeded our expectations. We`re looking forward to choosing several beta applications from among many interested parties who wish to have early access to the technology for use in their equipment and devices.”