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Diagnostics tool simplifies pneumatic cushioning settings
Published:  29 June, 2017

The pneumatics manufacturer Aventics has developed a tool that, it claims, will simplify and speed the adjustment of cushioning systems for pneumatic cylinders. Optimal adjustment of cushioning is important to achieve high cycle frequencies, quiet running and trouble-free operation of cylinders.

In the past, you often needed experience, a special touch, and a lot of patience to adjust these systems correctly. The new Cushioning Adjustment Tool (Cat) attaches to a cylinder. It detects whether and how the cushioning setting needs to be changed, using magnetic sensors that check the position and speed of the piston.

The tool guides the user via a built-in “traffic light” LED display. It can also link to an app running on an Apple or Android smartphone, which shows the cushioning characteristics and piston speed. “Thanks to visual support with the LED traffic light system, even a child could correctly adjust the cushioning,” says Aventics’ sensor expert, Abdelhakim Boulakhrif.

Aventics' cushioning adjustment tool simplifies and speeds up the commissioning of pneumatic cylinders

The battery-powered cushioning tool can be used to commission and check Aventics’ PRA, CSL-RD, MNI, ICL, IST, TRB, and CCL cylinders. It measures 5.5cm by 8.3cm and can be removed once the cushioning has been set. The battery is recharged via a micro-USB connection.