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VSD service will predict future maintenance needs
Published:  31 January, 2017

ABB has announced a new service which will analyse the operating conditions of its installed drives to predict their future maintenance needs and to optimise their operation. Engineers will analyse the performance and condition of drives on-site and provide detailed diagnostics and maintenance recommendations for the user.

There will be two variants of the service:

•  Drive Health Check, for ABB’s ACS607 and ACS800-07 drives, will offer detailed measurements and inspection which will take place during planned shutdowns. The current condition of the drive will be assessed, and recommendations given for short-term and long-term maintenance.

•  Drive Stress Check, for its ACS800 and ACS880 single drives and multi-drive modules, will need no shutdown, and can be performed during normal operation. It will identify the stress status of the drive resulting from harsh environments or heavy-duty applications, and recommend ways of mitigating their effects.

ABB’s new service includes on-site monitoring of variable-speed drives

It is estimated that VSDs can achieve a mean time between failure (MTBF) of more than half a million hours – equivalent to 62 years – but this is possible only if they are maintained correctly and regularly.