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VSD enhanced by Ethernet port and Web server
Published:  05 January, 2017

Mitsubishi Electric used the recent SPS IPC Drives show in Germany to preview a new inverter with a built-in Web server and Ethernet TCP/IP connections. The FR-A800-E drive, which is based on the existing FR-A800, will provide enhanced functions for remote monitoring and parameter adjustment, as well as easier integration into networks. Mitsubishi says that single drive could control an entire machine or process, saving time and money for SIs and OEMs.

Accompanying the new drive is a dedicated iOS app offering remote control and monitoring options ranging from simple motor control, to managing alarms and setting parameters remotely.

Mitsubishi argues that the built-in Ethernet link will cut the cost of connecting the VSD, reduce the need for option cards, increase the drive’s flexibility, and simplify connections to parallel networks. For example, you could use the Ethernet port for remote access or to link the VSD to a PC for quality control functions, while using a networking card to connect the drive to a wider automation network.

At SPS, Mitsubishi demonstrated the Ethernet port connected to a FAG SmartCheck vibration sensor mounted on a motor. The VSD was providing speed information to the sensor, which combined this with vibration data to create a more accurate picture of the motor’s health.

Mitsubishi’s FR-A800-E VSD has a built-in Web server and Ethernet port

The drive’s built-in Web server allows users to fine-tune production settings, as well as to adjust and monitor the status of the drive remotely via a Web browser.