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IE4 motors can replace low-efficiency machines directly
Published:  08 October, 2014

At next month’s SPS IPC Drives show in Germany, Siemens will be launching two ranges of IE4 “super premium” efficiency induction motors that are around 14% more efficient than IE1 machines and 3% more efficient than IE3 motors.

The new Simotics GP (general purpose) and SD (severe duty) motors comply with the DIN EN 50347 standard, so have the same shaft heights and outputs as IE1, IE2 or IE3 motors, allowing them to be used as direct replacements to boost the efficiency of existing applications.

The new motors, based on Siemens’ 1LE1 platform, offer a choice of aluminium housings from 2.2–18kW, or cast-iron housings from 2.2–200kW, in two- or four-pole versions.

The motors can be operated direct on-line or converter-fed, resulting in greater flexibility, particularly in retrofit projects.

Siemens' IE4 motors can replace less efficient machines directly

While the GP motors are suitable for day-to-day applications in standard environmental conditions, the SD versions with their rugged housings are aimed at more demanding uses such as those found in the paper and printing industry as well as the petrochemical sector.