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Single-cable distributed servodrives ‘can save 80%’
Published:  06 January, 2014

Kollomorgen claims that a new distributed servodrive technology, which uses a single hybrid cable to link IP67-protected servo controllers near a motor to central power modules located in switchgear cabinets, can cut costs by more than 80% by saving cabinet space and simplifying the cabling.

The AKD-N servodrives can control direct-drive linear and rotary motors as well as rotary servomotors, with ratings up to 4kW. The 11mm-diameter hybrid cable carries both power and field bus communications. It allows the controllers to be operated in series via a DC bus connection without needing an additional supply. A Safe Torque Off function is standard.

Kollmorgen says that it has opted for controllers that are located near motors, but are physically separated from them, because they avoid the derating sometimes needed for integrated motor-drive systems. It adds that integrated systems based on a limited range of motors restrict design options. It claims that its approach is more flexible and offers a choice, for example, between direct-drive linear or rotary motors. 

Kollmorgen's distributed servodrive technology allows users to choose the best motors for specific duties