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Encoder systems can start in less than a second
Published:  10 December, 2012

The German encoder-maker Kübler claims that users of its Sendix Profinet encoder can now start up their systems in less than a second, compared to about 10s for conventional Profinet-based systems. In the case of robot installations, for example, this allows tools to be changed much faster, and processing cycles to be reduced.

The Fast Start Up (FSU) system stores parameters on-board the encoder that have been determined during the first auto-negotiation, as well as IP addresses. Internal start-ups after resets are also accelerated through the use of an embedded operating system.

Time is also saved during monitoring and control using software supplied with the encoder that checks parameters and sets values. This software, called Ezturn, allows easy updates of the encoder firmware, enhancing functions without needing to disassemble the device.

The encoders support Profinet’s IRT (isochronous real-time) mode and are therefore suitable for real-time applications.