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HMI specialist launches own-brand inverters
Published:  31 December, 2012

The Swedish HMI supplier Beijer Electronics has announced a range of high-performance inverters that it will sell under its own name. The P2 inverters, which appear similar to models produced by the Welsh drives-maker Invertek, can control both standard induction motors and permanent magnet motors and are cover ratings from 0.75–160kW.

The inverters (above) provide open-loop vector control of induction motors, delivering up to 200% torque from zero speed, as well as a closed-loop encoder feedback capability. They also offer open- or closed-loop control of PM motors. They are protected to IP55/66.

Built-in functions include: a PLC capability; EMC filters; brake transistors up to 37kW; a master/slave function; safety to SIL 2/PLd; Bluetooth communications; and DC chokes for models above 30kW. Extensive I/O and communications support is provided, including Ethernet and field buses.