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Online software helps to choose linear actuators
Published:  13 October, 2012

The US linear motion specialist Tolomatic has added an actuator-sizing program to its Web site which, it says, will simplify the design and specification of motion control projects. The software can be used to choose electric rod-style and rodless actuators, based on application parameters and key performance inputs.

The sizing software uses a six-step process that includes defining the workload, establishing motions, matching an actuator, selecting a motor, adding features such as mounts or switches, and viewing the results. The tool provides a 3D CAD file of the selected actuator.
“A unique feature of this online program is that it simplifies the sizing and selection of an appropriate motor to drive the actuator,” says Tolomatic’s marketing manager, Aaron Dietrich. “The software calculates and reports critical motor-sizing parameters, such as continuous/peak torque and RPM.”

Designers can choose from a variety of reports, including a full sizing report and motion control charts. Application and sizing details can be saved and shared with other design team members.