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Vertical chain strip expands like a streamer
Published:  08 August, 2012

The engineering plastics specialist igus has developed a modular energy chain that can carry cables, piping and other media through vertical heights of 5m or more. Like a paper streamer, the space-saving “liftband” chain is pulled up from an almost flat initial position. Where space is limited, the strip can be arranged in a succession of linked layers.

The chain (above) can have round, rectangular or square shapes and can be tailored to suit customer requirements and space limitations.

The modular system (below) comprises three main elements – straight and curved strip pieces, and clip-on cable clamps. The connected strip segments determine the shape, while the clamps connect the segments and route the cables.

Initially, the system is available in 50mm widths and offers a choice between: “easy” frames that secure cables simply by pushing them into place; “snap open” frames with hinges; and height-adjustable lockable frames, which adapt their inner height to amount or diameter of the cables.

Because the chain links do not rub against one another, the system has a low level of wear and is extremely quiet.