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£1m investment gives students access to industrial pilot plant
Published:  09 May, 2012

ABB has invested close to £1m and signed a 10-year agreement with Imperial College London to support a new carbon capture pilot plant teaching facility at the university’s London campus. ABB says that its involvement in the project signals its commitment to help shape the next generation of industrial engineers.

Using a combination of the company’s drives, motors, instrumentation and process automation equipment, the plant’s control room (above) provides students with hands-on experience of pilot-scale industrial operations. It is the only facility of its kind in an academic institution in the world. The plant will be used to equip students with the practical skills for a career in industry.

“The pilot plant is a global showcase for the latest and best process control and instrumentation technology in use at one of the world’s leading engineering institutions,” says Martin Grady, general manager of ABB’s oil, gas and petrochemical operation in the UK. “We will be able to trial new technology in a low risk, well-managed environment to gather beta site test data. It also gives ABB a great platform to train its staff and customers on a real pilot plant.”