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RFID gets a Profinet link

01 April, 2006

RFID gets a Profinet link

Siemens has developed two new communication modules for connecting RFID (radio frequency identification) read/write devices to Profinet networks. The Simatic RF180C module connects the devices directly to Profinet, while the RF170C establishes a connection via the company`s Simatic ET 200pro distributed I/O device. The main application areas are expected to be in mechanical equipment manufacturing, conveyors, and assembly lines.

Read/write devices for any RFID system can be operated via the modules (shown above), which are IP67-protected, allowing them to be installed outside of control cabinets.

Omron has announced that it is investing $20m in its RFID business over a two-year period, and boosting its production of RFID inlays, initially to 250 million a year, and to more than 350 million within 12 months. The company has also developed a new UHF reader technology that, it claims, will extend RFID reading ranges and improve performance.