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Smart 15kW modules simplify drive design

01 July, 2002

Smart 15kW modules simplify drive design

International Rectifier has unveiled a family of combined power and control modules for motor and servo drives up to 15kW which, it says, will simplify drive hardware design, allowing engineers to focus on software development. The Intero modules incorporate functions such as current sensing, encoder feedback, power stage protection and a programmable digital signal processor, minimising the need for external components and cutting development time and costs.

The use of low-loss IGBTs allows the driver board to be mounted on top of the power stage, with the whole module fitting in the mechanical outline of a standard EconoPack package.

The first member of the family is a programmable, isolated intelligent power module which acts as a 50A, 1.2kV three-phase inverter for 15kW industrial and servo motors. Other configurations including bridge and brake systems are planned..