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Leasing scheme pays for equipment through energy savings
Published:  19 July, 2011

Prudhoe-based Quantum Controls has launched a scheme that allows users to install energy-saving drives and motors with no upfront hardware costs, and to structure their payments so that they are always less than the energy savings.

The Lease and Save scheme applies to equipment such as variable speed drives, motors, soft-starts, switchgear and transformers. It offers fixed leasing prices for up to three years, which are covered by the energy savings. After the three-year period, new equipment can be installed.

Quantum gives the example of a 75kW fixed-speed fan running around the clock, six days a week. At present, this would consume around 8,760kWh a week at a cost of around £790. By installing a VSD, the consumption would drop by around 3,066kWh, saving £280. The cost of leasing the drive would be £140 per week (or £7,280 annually) – an amount equivalent to the savings generated. In addition, the installation would reduce CO2 emissions by 1,724kg.