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Rotalink invests £500,000 in Crewkerne plant

01 October, 2003

Rotalink invests £500,000 in Crewkerne plant

Rotalink has invested more than £500,000 in its Crewkerne factory (shown below) during the past six months to provide its customers with a faster, more flexible service. The company designs and produces a range of electrical and mechanical equipment including miniature AC, iron-core DC and stepper motors, spur and planetary gearboxes, linear actuators, and encoders.

A key element of the investment has been a dual-spindle CNC lathe fitted with a gear-hobbing attachment capable of producing gears and components up to 32mm in diameter. The automated 13-axis machine has cut set-up times and is allowing Rotalink to perform small production runs and to produce prototypes at a relatively low cost.

The company says it has cut its production costs and lead times by forging close partnerships with global suppliers of common and high-volume components, allowing it to focus on its specialised design and manufacturing expertise. The result, it claims, is that it can offer customers competitively priced products with a fast, efficient turnaround from prototype to production. And unlike many other UK manufacturers, it has not needed to move its production offshore.