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Gambica highlights VSD investment problems

17 March, 2009

Gambica, the trade body that represents UK suppliers of variable speed drives, highlighted some of the problems facing the sector at the Government’s recent Low Carbon Industrial Summit. In an open session, Gambica deputy director Steve Brambley drew attention to the difficulty in obtaining investment as being one of the main barriers to improving energy efficiency through the wider use of VSDs.

Responding to this, both prime minister Gordon Brown and business secretary Peter Mandelson said they recognised the need for financial support to encourage the take-up of energy-saving technologies. This was one aspect of their aim to turn climate change into an opportunity for growth, through energy efficiency innovations.

In a subsequent submission, Gambica also highlighted the importance of considering the efficiency of complete systems rather than individual products. There was also a need for more awareness of ways to control companies’ energy bills beyond changing their energy suppliers.