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Programmable absolute encoder replaces potentiometers

25 August, 2008

Following the recent announcement of a range of programmable incremental encoders from Sick, another German encoder manufacturer, Megatron, has come up with a programmable absolute magnetic encoder. The start and end angle positions as well as the direction of rotation of the MAB36A P encoder can be specified by the user.

Megatron programmable encoder

The encoder can be used to replace potentiometer-based systems and it is said to be easy to upgrade from a potentiometer to the low-wear, contactless – and therefore, low-noise – encoders. To ensure compatibility, the encoder cable incorporates three extra wires, allowing the direction of voltage increase to be changed simply by reversing the polarity of the power supply.

The programmable start and end positions allow the encoder to be used, for example, to match the zero and 270-degree points of a potentiometer using a teach-in procedure. The start and end angles can be reset at any time.

An optional multi-turn version of the encoder can measure angles greater than 360 degrees.