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Robot rival adds an extra dimension

01 April, 2004

Robot rival adds an extra dimension

Just one month after demonstrating its two-axis pick-and-place robot rival, Quin Systems has unveiled a three-axis version. The new R-Theta3 (shown below), which made its debut at the Total Processing and Packaging Show, is designed to eliminate the cost, complexity and over-performance often associated with standard robots.

The device can be positioned alongside existing machinery and can handle loads from 1-10kg, depending on the required cycle rate. For a 1kg load, it can perform 100 there-and-back motions per minute, over a 300mm by 600mm area.

The three axes allow R-Theta3 to track product and conveyor movements, and to synchronise its movements with items moving along a line. The system, which is programmed via a graphical interface, could be linked to a vision system.

"Unlike costly, over-complicated robots intended primarily for heavy industrial applications, the R-Theta3 has been designed specifically for packers` and processors` pick-and-place needs," says Quin`s managing director, Mike Webb. "Why should processors relay on a sledgehammer to crack a nut, when the nutcracker was designed for the job?," he asks.