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Ignorance filters out sales
Published:  01 July, 2004

A lack of awareness about harmonics is hindering the growth of the harmonic filter market, says a new report. Nevertheless, the global market for filters will grow from $350m last year to $684m by 2010, predicts the market analyst Frost & Sullivan.

Users need to be educated about the potential benefits of installing filters, F&S suggests. They can help to "lower expenditure, clear electrical capacity and enhance production uptime," says Sara Bradford, F&S` industry manager.

The cost of filters - especially, active types - is holding back their wider use. "Customers see them as capital purchases and are unwilling to spend much on an unfamiliar product," the report says.

"The harmonic filter market is also hindered by its robust nature," Bradford adds, pointing out that filters can last for ten years. "This has resulted in a low upgrade and replacement rate.".