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PLC, display and I/O combine in control panel

01 September, 1999

PLC, display and I/O combine in control panel

GE Fanuc has combined a PLC, an operator interface and I/O (input/output) control and networking into a single "operator control station" or OCS. The integrated design is said to reduce wiring and to speed installation. Time is also saved by using a dedicated language called Cscape for both configuration and programming.

The OCS is aimed at stand-alone or distributed applications in small machines, conveyors, and packaging installations, or for enhancing the monitoring of existing machines.

The Windows-based Cscape language is used to configure the network, to design on-screen displays and for other functions. If a program needs to be used many times in a system, it can be modified once and downloaded through the network to the appropriate controllers.

A modular I/O expansion system allows up to four different I/O modules to be stacked together to give a choice of digital and analogue I/Os as well as thermocouple and RTD inputs. There are two serial ports, one supporting Modbus and CsScan networks, the other interfacing to a CAN network.

There are three versions of the OCS offering choice of displays and keypads.