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Huco adds Dynatork to its portfolio

01 September, 2005

Huco adds Dynatork to its portfolio

Huco Engineering has bought Dynatork, the Nottingham-based manufacturer of air motors, which claims to make the world`s only pneumatic stepper motor. The picture (below) shows Huco`s joint managing director David Lockett (left) with Dynatork`s former owner and managing director, Ian Thompson.

Until now, Dynatork`s low-pressure, low-noise motors, which deliver high torque at low speeds, have been marketed mainly in the UK. Huco plans to introduce the technology to a wider audience by marketing it globally, alongside its own couplings and other power transmission products.

The Dynatork products, which have a 30-year track record, include air motors in aluminium, acetal and cast-iron, as well as spur, worm and planetary gear motors, and electronically controlled pneumatic stepper motors. They are designed for use in harsh and hazardous environments, especially in constant start-stop applications under load where electric motors could burn out and vane motors could stall.

Huco says that the air motors, which deliver maximum torques from 2-550Nm, use up to 80% less air than vane motors and offer a viable alternative to electrical variable speed drives.